Friday, June 16, 2017

Chrome Extension: AnyOneCanView

Enjoy Chrome Extensions?  AnyoneCanView is a really good one!  AnyoneCanView is an extension created by Alice Keeler and it allows you to change the viewing permissions on a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, Slide, or Draw with one click. Generally when you need to change sharing permissions, it is a multiple step process. Not only does AnyoneCanView  can view change the viewing permissions but it also copies a link to the item to your clip board.  This makes it possible to paste the link to share with others so that you do not have to take the extra step of copying the URL. So whether you share with students or adults, in a classroom venue or a workshop venue,  AnyoneCanView  is for you.  I know I have forgotten viewing permissions on more than one occasion.

Just recently, this extension has come in quite handy for me while presenting.  My audience informed me they couldn't view my presentation...of course I had forgotten to change the viewing permissions. With this extension I could do it on the spot and viewing access was immediately given.

AnyoneCanView  is found in the Chrome Web Store.  If share Google documents of any sort, then I suggest giving AnyoneCanView a try!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Seesaw has been simply described as a digital portfolio for students, but really is it so much more!  Seesaw is a tool that teachers are using to help organize student work, increase parent communications and facilitate those 21st Century skills that has become imperative for our students to learn.  A goal of using Seesaw is to see students become independent and taking ownership of their own learning.  Seesaw provides an audience for students' work that exists outside the walls of the classroom.

The mission of Seesaw is "to create an environment where students can be their best."  How awesome is that? Seesaw gives students the opportunity to reflect on their work and on their progress all while sharing their best work with an authentic audience.

Another essential component of  Seesaw is to provide students with a safe space to share their work. Teachers control what information is shared and how much information is shared.

Many of the K-2nd graders in my district have embraced Seesaw.  They are enjoying how easy this tool is to use not only for the students but for the teachers as well.  Mrs. Temple is a second grade teacher and she has embraced Seesaw full on.  She had it set up and ready to go before school began this year and used it during Meet the Teacher night.

This is the dashboard.  As you can see, it is very intuitive.  The options are easy to understand and easy to follow through.

Seesaw has a kind of Facebook feel, except it's for the classroom. Students enjoy seeing their work posted and shared with others in their class.

Seesaw puts the teacher in control of what is posted and who is able to view the content.  Each students' content is kept private and is only viewable by his or her parents. The teacher chooses what content is public as well.  In the Seesaw classroom, developers have created a "walled garden" so that students' privacy is protected.

This is Mrs. Temple and Oliver.  They are taking the opportunity to share Seesaw with other teachers on campus.  Mrs. Temple wanted to be able to showcase how simple this product is to use for teachers and for students.

Oliver did a fantastic job of showcasing Seesaw to the teachers.  He simply snapped a picture, completed a task, accessed Seesaw, and posted to the class.

Mrs. Temple then showed how easy it was to find the assignment and choose the correct settings and give permission for the assignment to be posted.

Seesaw is a fabulous tool.  Definitely worth checking out, whether your are tech confident or a tech newbie this tool is designed with you and your class in mind.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Newspaper Clipping Generator  is a website that creates a newspaper clipping with your own name for a newspaper, headline, and story.  The Newspaper Clipping Generator  allows you to download your creation quite easily.  The site provides a download link and an embed code, located at the bottom of the newly generated clipping.  You are then able to use the image to suit your needs, however you should know that images are deleted from the server after a short time so get your image while you can., the maker of the Newspaper Clipping Generator  also has fun options to create different things.  Other than a newpaper clipping, you can also create a clapper board, talking squirrels, text ninja and various other options. 

Newspaper Clipping Generator  would be a fun tool for your Reading/Language Arts classroom.  Students can create their own stories, create summaries or practicing other reading skills, book reviews, and list could be quite endless.  Newspaper Clipping Generator  is definitely a tool worth checking out.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Creative Fun...

So have you tried Canva?  Canva is a site full of fun.  It allows you to create documents, presentations, social media graphics and just about any other idea that comes to mind! Professional graphics, presentations, and social media graphics can be achieved using the many themes offered by Canva or you can use your own media using Canva's layouts.  Canva has what seems like a gazillion images, photo filters, icons, shapes, and lots of fonts to make your Canva creations truly unique.

Just a disclaimer...though Canva has many, many free components to the site, it also has many that are not free.  However, Canva has so many free options that I feel you are not missing anything by not purchasing the full membership.  Canva is definitely worth checking out.  Enjoy your new digital masterpieces. 

Monday, February 15, 2016


I was recently introduced to this YouTube channel called NUMBEROCK which produces educational math videos for kids.  NUMBEROCK was created by a 5th grade math teacher who wanted more for students than just boring math class.

NUMBEROCK is made up of rhythmic music videos that teach different math concepts and skills. NUMBEROCK has videos teaching shapes, multiplication, division, rounding, and many others like this video on time... 

The NUMBEROCK videos have lessons and activities which can be found and purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is a You Channel worth checking into for your math class.  You may find fun videos to add to your resource treasure chest.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Graphite by Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media works hard to educated students in the area of technology and media. Common Sense Media offers educators and parents many tools to help teach our kids learn the importance of being a responsible digital citizen.

Last week at the TCEA Conference, I was introducted to Graphite.  Where in the world have I been that I missed this site.  Common Sense Media has created a site for teachers called Graphite. This is a great site providing lesson plans for teachers containing K-12 grade levels and all subject areas.  The Graphite site offers lesson plans that are teacher created and technology rich.

The lessons that are found on Graphite are searchable by grade level and subject area.  The lessons come with unique titles and the technology that is used in each lesson is listed in the overview. The Graphite lessons also provide the objective for the lesson, a hook to engage students, direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and a wrap-up.

If the lessons on the Graphite site are not quite what you are looking for then they are a great building block to create a lesson that will work specifically for your class.

Graphite is a site that is definitely worth checking out and and adding it to your resource treasure chest.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why? Ask SciShow Kids!

After I found Crash Course Kids, this YouTube channel, SciShow Kids, was in the suggestion list so I decided to check it out.

The SciShow Kids channel answers the many questions of "Why". The SciShow Kids channel is  filled with science videos, hosted by a "scientist" and her side-kick robot. Together they explain difficult science concepts so that elementary age kids can understand.  New videos are uploaded to the SciShow Kids channel on Monday and Wednesday.

The videos offered by the  SciShow Kids  channel fall in to categories such as, Awesome Animals, Let's Go To Space, Science on the Playground, Watch it Grow, and various other categories.  The information contained in the SciShow Kids videos is presented in a kid-friendly way.

Here is a a video found on the SciShow Kids channel in the Science on the Playground category.

SciShow Kids could be a great resource for your science classroom.  I definitely suggest checking it out.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Crash Course Kids

I came across this YouTube channel the other day - Crash Course Kids.

Crash Course Kids is a channel that is dedicated to elementary science with a focus on 5th grade science.  Crash Course Kids videos offer lessons in Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.  On the Crash Course Kids channel, you will find videos on the Earth, habitats, space, chemical reactions and even engineering.  The subjects are introduced by a young host who brings humor to the topic with a combination of animated features.  The Crash Course Kids channel has created videos that will appeal to the younger viewers.

Here is a video from the Crash Course Kids channel...

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Crash Course Kids uploads new videos for all to enjoy. Not every video may be beneficial to you but I bet you will find more useful one than you think.  You can subscribe to Crash Course Kids YouTube Channel or follow them on Twitter - @crashcoursekids to keep up to date with new uploads their Crash Course Kids channel.