Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Science Spot - lots of great science resources for teachers and students

The Science Spot - lots of great science resources for teachers and students

This is a posting on Educational Technology Guy by David Andrade. This posting is a collection of science links, lesson plans, and resources. This is a great resource for all teachers. I highly suggest following.


I learned about piggy-backing using a gmail account from a great blog, Digital Goonies. Piggy-backing allows teachers to create account for web 2.0 tools that require an email. Susan states that first you create a gmail account with a name that can be easily shared with your students. It can be as simple as your name ( Students can then piggy-back off your account by adding anything after a + sign. For example:

So those of us with students who have no email addresses of their own, this is a fantastic way to make use of wonderful web 2.0 tools.


Kids today love their social networks. Fakebook can be a fun way for teachers to turn classroom assignments that students perceive as boring into fun. Fakebook can be used to create biographies on historical figures, fictional characters, book reviews, time line events, and sequence and outline the plot of a novel. The list could be endless.

Students start by editing names, friends lists, and profile information just as if they were creating a real Facebook page. They then proceed to adding posts, pictures and even YouTube video links. Work can be saved and edited at later times and finally printed when complete.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Post- 8 Tips for Teachers to Enhance the Use of Technology in Classroom

Guest Post- 8 Tips for Teachers to Enhance the Use of Technology in Classroom

This is a blog post shared by the Educational Technology Guy, David Andrade. It is a great article written to help teachers create a "tech-friendly" environment for their classrooms and their students.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Words matter – Choose wisely | Powerful Learning Practice

Words matter – Choose wisely | Powerful Learning Practice

A nice reminder that our words are more powerful than we realize.


Broadcastr is about location-based stories. It allows the user to record, listen, and share audio content about a specific place. This can be an online, interactive travel guide for a classroom. Students can hear stories about places they are learning about in the classroom and be able to feel as if they are actually visiting.

Magnetic Poetry Kits

Magnetic Poetry is a fun way for kids to create poems, story starters, or practice recognizing and reading words. The poetry kit allows students to be creative and create their own poetry. Magnetic Poetry has four online kits to work with: kids kits, first words, best friends, and story maker. This is an activity that all levels of learners can participate. A fun and creative way to bring writing into the classroom.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Connected teaching – Some tips for getting started | Powerful Learning Practice

Connected teaching – Some tips for getting started | Powerful Learning Practice

This is article discusses why educators should make it a practice to become a part of an online community of educators; making the web a seamless part of the classroom learning environment; and committing yourself to spending time online as well. The article provides some great resources to help you become more familiar and comfortable with connecting to educators online. The importance of becoming connected and staying connected affects us as educators and our students as well. We need to make the time to find our place in an online community and be prepared to show our students that learning is not limited to the classroom.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free Web Tools for Teachers

Thanks to Juan Orozca and Active 4 Learning I have been introduced to This site is a great resource of web tools for teachers. The site provides a list of what is considered some of the best sites for teachers and students. categorizes the list so that what you are looking for can be easily found. This is a site worth checking out and bookmarking for future use.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sight Words with Sampson

Sight Words with Samson is great learning tool for emergent or struggling readers to reinforce knowledge of sight words. Sight Words with Samson is fun and user friendly. The lessons are a created in a four step process. Step 1, Learn the Words, gives the reader a chance to see and hear the words. Step 2, Build the Words, lets the reader hear the word pronunciation and the spelling, then has the chance to choose the correct letters. Step 3, Identify the Word, readers are given the opportunity to hear the word and hen choose the word being pronounced. Step 4 is a quiz that gives the reader the opportunity to show what he has learned. Sight Words with Samson encourages readers for correct responses and makes the learning process fun.