Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twitter: Connect by Microblogging

Do you want to expand your personal learning beyond what your school district offers? Do want to share ideas with other educators outside your school? Well Twitter could very likely be the solution, but you are concerned because you do not really know much about Twitter. Well then Twitter: Connect by Micro-blogging is definitely the answer for you!

Twitter: Connect by Micro-blogging shared by Shelly Terrell is a Wiki beginning Twitter users. Twitter: Connect by Micro-blogging wiki has videos, lists, links, suggested uses and a beginners guide.

The videos include helpful hints on making connections using Twitter and building your own Personal Learning Network.

Links include Twitter for Teachers, Twitter for the classroom, and How to Make Twitter Work for You, along with various other useful links for teachers and education.

Lists include helpful suggestions for building a PLN and who to follow for a beginning PLN. There is also a helpful guide for beginner Twitter users.

Twitter: Connect by Micro-blogging is a great resource for all of those who are wanting to make Twitter a part of their professional development as well as a part of their classroom.

Do want more information? They try out the other subjects listed on the wiki - Why We Connect

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