Monday, May 16, 2011

Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a fun site for kids which includes an almanac, a dictionary, atlas, and encyclopedia. Fact Monster also has a homework help center for students.

Fact Monster covers topics such as: world and U.S. topics; people including biographies on famous people, help to write a biography, women of influence and U.S. Presidents; books, grammar and spelling, mythology, and languages. Fact Monster also contains topics in math, science, sports, games and quizzes. Fact Monster is a part of, a reference site. Fact Monster is fun, friendly, and attractive for kids.

Fact Monster can be used in any content area. This site would be a useful resource in any classroom, whether students are completing a research project, fact finding for a class assignment, or playing games that engage the brain. Fact Monster is a fun encyclopedia for kids.

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