Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fraboom Online Children's Museum

Talk about fun! Fraboom Online Children's Museum is a fun, educational site for kids. I learnined about from the blog Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of A Cyber Hero and from iLearn creator Kelly Tenkley.

I enjoyed navigating the site and checking out the many activities for students. While at Fraboom Online Children's Museum , students have the opportunity to learn about presidents while playing games, what cartoons that teach vocabulary on topics such as the earth, insects, life cycles and citizenship. Fraboom Online Children's Museum also offers interactive books that teach about insects, waste and the human body. The site is engaging and kid friendly.

I think one of the best things about Fraboom Online Children's Museum is that they offer live classes. A daily doodle challenge that is different everyday is offered and students can interact with teachers through a chat tool.

Fraboom Online Children's Museum would be a great site to incorporate into the classroom with a variety of content. Students can have the opportunity to work independently or activities can presented with whole class instruction in mind. Students also have the opportunity to connect with virtual teachers which could also create a environment that allows student/teacher conferences. One important thing you need to be aware of is that everything is not free. I believe the possibilities are endless. Enjoy Fraboom Online Children's Museum !

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  1. I originally found the site on the blog, Techy Things Teachers Should Try (http://bryantechnology.blogspot.com/)
    The only surprise was that not everything is free. I let some students explore the site, and this really became a focus for them---but they still gave it a "thumbs up"!