Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Library of Congress - America's Story

America's Story is hosted by the Library of Congress for Kids and Family. America's Story was designed with kids in mind. America's Story is appealing and easily navigated so that kids won't "get lost". I believe that kids will find America's Story entertaining and fun.

America's Story is going to introduce kids to amazing people such as Wild Bill Cody and Thomas Edison, along with his many inventions.America's Story will travel back in time and introduce kids to the first settlers in the United States. Kids can also explore the states and learn fun facts and interesting stories about all the states. America's Story also has many other topics for kids to explore. Kids will have the opportunity to learn how our great nation was formed and get to know the people who had a hand in the development.

The goal of America's Story is for kids to have fun while learning and I believe their goal has been accomplished. This is a great resource for the elementary classroom. America's Story is worth checking out. I hope you enjoy it.

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