Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teachers Love Them Like Jesus

A poem for all  teachers....thanks for all you do.

Teachers Love Them Like Jesus

To love them like Jesus is the goal
Not judging the appearance but searching the soul

Teachers learn to look past the disguise
Into every child’s bright and shining eyes

To see the need for hugs all their days
To take the time to give them praise

To realize no matter how poor or unclean
Every child still has a heart full of dreams

Dreams that they’re willing share
Dreams that need nurturing and care

They need to know someone is interested in their lives
That some one is overwhelmingly pleased when they arrive

Because children are full of laughter and charm
And they need at least one place safe from harm

Jesus needed someone to cultivate their learning
And teach them with wisdom to be discerning

Who could possibly fill all their needs
Love them and hug them and praise their deeds

This problem has been around since before creation
And how to solve it – was never a question

A teacher was created from simple things
An angel with neither halo or wings

She was created for this purpose alone
To love and to hug and to see that seeds of wisdom are sown

Her heart has an incredible capacity to accept
One and all in her loving arms are kept

She takes on the jobs no one else could
Doing her best; making sure each child is understood

And when the heart of a child breaks
She feels each hurt and her heart truly aches

When Jesus looks down on the teacher each day
And sees her frazzled and nerves all frayed

Or when she is feeling lost and afraid
He will always be present to render aid

He will send an angel from Heaven above
With a reminder of his never ending love

He will always keep his teachers close
Because they love his children the most.

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