Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Save the Words

I think I am in love with Save the Words, if for no other reason than to hear the words beg to be chosen! Save the Words is a fun twist to the dictionary. This site is so encouraging, literally, that you just want to keep adopting words. However if you do not like the distraction of the talking words then you can turn the voices off. The purpose of Save the Words seems to be to encourage us to increase our word power and language skills.

The Save the Words site is jammed packed with every word imaginable from the fun, the weird, and the unusual. These are not words you see on an everyday basis. The site gives a preview window which you move around the screen and then select one of the words. After selecting a word, a pop-up window appears that gives you the definition of the word and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.

Inside the preview window, you are offered the opportunity to "adopt" the word. After chosing to adopt the word then Save the Words cheers for you and for the word you have chosen.

You are then sent a certificate of adaoption for your part in saving the words. An email is sent reminding you of your promise to "..use the word in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible to the very best of my ability." Word adoption is taken very seriously! :-)

Save the Words is a seriously cute site. I suggest trying in out. Would be a great word of the day for Language Arts classes to encourage the vocabulary development.

Study Jams

Study Jams is a product of Scholastic and is an inventive site for teaching science and math. Study Jams offers over 200 jams teaching topics and skills relevant in the elementary classroom.

Study Jams offers science jams in the form of videos to teach topics such as volcanoes, water cycle, photosynthesis, and the universe. The videos present vocabulary and facts on each topic. Study Jams also offers math jams in the form of videos covering topics such as multiplication, order of operations, and creating equations from word problems. Each jam offers a quiz so that students can test what they have learned.

Study Jams also offers karaoke songs on most topics. The songs present information in fun, upbeat tunes.

I learned about Study Jams from the blog Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero.

Juxio - Interactive Posters

Juxio is an interactive poster maker. I learned about Juxio from one of my favorite blogs,The Digital Goonies. Juxio is a fun way for students to create assignments in any subject area.

Students first create posters by using a template or creating their own form. Second, students include content by adding text, images, video, and audio. Events and captions can be added as well. Posters can be created in any content area for example: biographies, scientific processes, subject area tutorials, geography reports, and even physical education posters including exercise and nutrition. Juxio then allows students to share their posters by printing, sharing on social networks, or even emailed.

Juxio has a free component for education, however, Juxio hopes that you will plan on buying one of their professional prints that you create and the are so stinkin' cute you will be tempted to buy. I believe that it is a site worth checking out and including in your digital toolbox. I hope that you enjoy it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Awesome Library

Awesome Library is great resource site. The site contains an extensive web collection of reviewed resources from the web, including educational resources. The image below indicate how the resources are organized into categories.

The Awesome Library also organizes based on topic importance or "hot topics". Awesome Library covers topics relevant to older students such as conflicts in the middle east to world peace. Awesome Library also caters to younger students with topics such as child heroes and bullying. This site could be a fabulous resource for any classroom and I recommend giving it a try.

Thank a Teacher

Each day teachers play the role of mother, father, mentor, nurse, and counselor and still find time to inspire change and encourage students to believe in their own abilities.  I work with an amazing group of teachers and I am in awe of the things they are able to accomplish each day, so I post this video in honor of them and in honor of the many teachers who inspire their students to greatness!  Thank you for all you do. 

Thanks to Greg Swanson for posting on his blog EdTech Toolbox.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Bubbabrain hosts lots of educational games. Games can be accessed on the homepage or teachers can set up an account and create new games for students to access.

The games on Bubbabrain are categorized into grade levels and then in subject areas such as math, english, science and history as well as various miscellaneous games. Once the games are categorized into subjects then games on many topics in each subject area can be accessed. If Bubbabrain doesn't have a game to support a skill that you want to reinforce with your students then you can create a new game to support what you are teaching your students. After games have been created then students input a teachers number to access games that have been created. This allows students to work on specific skills.

Bubbabrain would be a great tool to use with interactive whiteboard for whole class instruction, small group, or even individual instruction. Bubbabrain would be a great tool for any classroom. Games can be created for any subject and any grade level. This site is fun and simple.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Isle of Tune

Isle of Tune is so much fun! I best time playing with this site. I learned about Isle of Tune from Kelly Tenkely's blog, iLearn Technology.

Isle of Tune is an amazing site because it encourages creation. Students create musical journeys based on street layouts. Students create "islands" by creating a street layout and then adding objects such as cars, flowers, trees and houses. As the street layouts are created students add road objects. When the street intersects, then students decide directions of the cars. Each item added plays a different sound. After adding objects, then student use the object control panel to adjust the sound and the volume of the sounds.

Getting started with Isle of Tune is fairly easy just by following the illustrated directions on the home page of the site.

Students just have to click "create a new island" and then off they go. Creation begins with the naming of their island. Students are able to name their island anything. Isle of Tune also gives students the option to save their island and then return to it at a later time.

Isle of Tune has great potential across the curriculum. Isle of Tune would be such a fun site for students to learn about maps and directions. Isle of Tune could be sued to to teach math concepts. Used with an interactive white board, students could tools to find measurement, area, and perimeter. Students would have a great time focusing on the music they could create. After initial instructions students could be turned loose to create maps of their own communities. Not only is a student's academic needs met but their artistic needs are met as well.

The site appears to be geared toward younger students but Isle of Tune will capture students of all ages. I had a load of fun playing with it! Thanks again Kelly.

Kideos: Videos for Kids

Kideos, created by Earlier Media, is a site for kids to safely watch videos online. Kideos breaks the videos up into age categories, with subjects ranging from Grover and Elmo to silly commercials. Kideos also displays the videos in categories such as featured videos, featured channels, and popular videos.

Kideos hosts a feature channel for educational videos as well. The educational videos include all subject areas and also include School House Rock videos, PBS videos, and National Geographic videos.

Kideos is geared toward younger children ages birth to 10. It is a site worth checking out and adding to your online resource sites.