Sunday, June 5, 2011


Bubbabrain hosts lots of educational games. Games can be accessed on the homepage or teachers can set up an account and create new games for students to access.

The games on Bubbabrain are categorized into grade levels and then in subject areas such as math, english, science and history as well as various miscellaneous games. Once the games are categorized into subjects then games on many topics in each subject area can be accessed. If Bubbabrain doesn't have a game to support a skill that you want to reinforce with your students then you can create a new game to support what you are teaching your students. After games have been created then students input a teachers number to access games that have been created. This allows students to work on specific skills.

Bubbabrain would be a great tool to use with interactive whiteboard for whole class instruction, small group, or even individual instruction. Bubbabrain would be a great tool for any classroom. Games can be created for any subject and any grade level. This site is fun and simple.

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