Friday, June 3, 2011

Isle of Tune

Isle of Tune is so much fun! I best time playing with this site. I learned about Isle of Tune from Kelly Tenkely's blog, iLearn Technology.

Isle of Tune is an amazing site because it encourages creation. Students create musical journeys based on street layouts. Students create "islands" by creating a street layout and then adding objects such as cars, flowers, trees and houses. As the street layouts are created students add road objects. When the street intersects, then students decide directions of the cars. Each item added plays a different sound. After adding objects, then student use the object control panel to adjust the sound and the volume of the sounds.

Getting started with Isle of Tune is fairly easy just by following the illustrated directions on the home page of the site.

Students just have to click "create a new island" and then off they go. Creation begins with the naming of their island. Students are able to name their island anything. Isle of Tune also gives students the option to save their island and then return to it at a later time.

Isle of Tune has great potential across the curriculum. Isle of Tune would be such a fun site for students to learn about maps and directions. Isle of Tune could be sued to to teach math concepts. Used with an interactive white board, students could tools to find measurement, area, and perimeter. Students would have a great time focusing on the music they could create. After initial instructions students could be turned loose to create maps of their own communities. Not only is a student's academic needs met but their artistic needs are met as well.

The site appears to be geared toward younger students but Isle of Tune will capture students of all ages. I had a load of fun playing with it! Thanks again Kelly.

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