Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Juxio - Interactive Posters

Juxio is an interactive poster maker. I learned about Juxio from one of my favorite blogs,The Digital Goonies. Juxio is a fun way for students to create assignments in any subject area.

Students first create posters by using a template or creating their own form. Second, students include content by adding text, images, video, and audio. Events and captions can be added as well. Posters can be created in any content area for example: biographies, scientific processes, subject area tutorials, geography reports, and even physical education posters including exercise and nutrition. Juxio then allows students to share their posters by printing, sharing on social networks, or even emailed.

Juxio has a free component for education, however, Juxio hopes that you will plan on buying one of their professional prints that you create and the are so stinkin' cute you will be tempted to buy. I believe that it is a site worth checking out and including in your digital toolbox. I hope that you enjoy it.

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