Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Botanic Planet

My Botanic Planet is a site dedicated to teaching kids about the plant world around us. TruGreen created My Botanic Planet with U.S. national standardized lesson plans and interactive games to explore basic botany. My Botanic Planet's goal is to help students, grades K-5, learn about plants, the environment in which they are found, and to develop an appreciation of the natural world. My Botanic Planet has a teacher's resource page that offers lesson plans, photo gallery, and other resources.

My Botanic Planet does a great job of supporting science and geography and creates an exciting environment for learning. This is a site worth checking out. I learned about My Botanic Planet from the blog, Educational Technology Guy. The Educational Technology Guy blog is a great resource for the classroom as well.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loop Scoops....Videos About Life

Loop Scoops are short, animated videos to get kids (and adults) to thinking about the "stuff" that goes into our lives. Loop Scoops not only focuses on the "stuff" in our lives but how our "stuff" affects the environment. Each Scoop is a video that talks about things we see or use everyday...garbage, electronics, and velcro, as well as other topics.

Loop Scoops hopes that the videos will get kids to thinking about how the things we use in our everyday lives affects the environment we live in. Loop Scoops not only wants kids to think,but it wants kids to question: What is this made of? Where did it come from? What happens when i throw it away?

If you want kids to learn about helping the environment then check out Loop Scoops. Loop Scoops is a part of PBS Kids Go. Loop Scoops is a site worth checking out.

Discovery Box

Discovery Box is a fun tool in which students can create virtual, visual representations of people or events, as well as building a representation to support an argument. Discovery Box would also be a wonderful tool for students to create autobiographies. Discovery Box is a virtual box in which you choose the items you want to represent your subject. Discovery Box can be used to complete assignments in any content area.

Discovery Box allows you to upload and display text files, images, and videos. Students make their own choices on what items they would use to represent their subject.

In order for students to save their Discovery Box, they must register and create an account. If this is creates a problem for you, remember you have the option to Piggy-Back onto an existing email. This eliminates the need for each student to have an email account of their own.

Discovery Box is definitely a site worth checking out.

Go Wild...Smithsonian Wild!

Smithsonian Wild presents a collection of photographs of animals in the wild. Smithsonian Wild uses the photographs to show the diversity of different animals and their existence in a range of habitats all over the world. Scientists are able to use the photographs from the motion-triggered camera to study and answer questions concerning conservation and ecology. These cameras are posted on trees, along trails, and various other places within the animal's habitat. Smithsonian Wild hopes that these photographs will grab your attention and encourage you to learn about the animals, their habitats, and the steps to conservation.

Smithsonian Wild offers a searchable index of photographs, as well as a list of ongoing projects. Smithsonian Wild would be a welcome addition into a science classroom. I suggest checking it out, I believe the images on the home page will draw you in and you will spend time learning about the various animals that have been photographed by Smithsonian Wild.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Knoword - Can Your Vocabulary Take The Challenge?

Knoword is a fun vocabulary challenge. Knoword requires the participant to be a quick thinker as random dictionary definitions are displayed along with the first letter of the word to be guessed. Once you choose the option to begin the game is timed. You must fill in the rest of the word that corresponds with the first letter of the word and the definition. With each correct word you gain points and an added timed bonus. If you come across a word you just can't answer then you have the option to skip and new definition will present itself.

Knoword is fun and challenging. I think is is a site worth checking out.

Welcome to the Web

Welcome to the Web is an interactive teaching site to help kids learn about the internet. Welcome to the Web offers a sequence of lessons designed to explain the web starting with basic concepts of internet, staying safe, browser use, and online searching. Welcome to the Web also offers the tricks that involve printing, the find tool, and copying and pasting. Lessons concerning copyright and the importance of siting sources so others receive credit for their work as well. A great feature offered by Welcome to the Web is an audio feature. Students are able to choose the option to listen to the text as they are reading.

After students have completed the sequence of lesson to learn about the internet Welcome to the Web offers a challenge in which students incorporate all their new internet skills. The challenge is a fun activity in which students capture the creator of a computer virus. After completing the challenge then personalized certificates are offered. Welcome to the Web is a fun way for kids to learn about the interent.

Welcome to the Web can easily be used in the classroom or computer class and students explore at their own pace. Welcome to the Web is a site worth checking out.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Free For Teachers - Written Decor

Written Decor is a site I learned about from Twitter. Written Decor believes that the power of words can impact the lives of people, especially teachers and students. Because the people of Written Decor believes this, they have begun a campaign to put positive words in the lives of children.

Written Decor will make a one-time $50 donation of Written Decor lettering to every teacher to be used in their classroom. Written Decor also provides teachers with a "teacher discount" of 50% on future lettering.

The Written Decor site offers a quote library and an idea gallery that allows teachers to shop. Written Decor also offers the options to build your own saying. This gives teachers the opportunity to choose their words, style, and size; along with a preview window so you will know what the text will look like.

To claim your discount just following the simple instructions at Written Decor website. This is a site worth checking out.

Movies and Math

Mathematics in Movies is a collection of movie clips in which math concepts are presented or highlighted. The math concepts are not taught but it is a fun way to to highlight math in lessons that are taught.

Mathematics in Movies hosts different genres of movies and the math concepts seems to be relevant for the higher level maths ( the kinds of math that scare me a little bit) :-). The movies are relevant to higher level science classes as well. The movies are available in two formats - flash and quicktime (for viewing on iPads and iPods).

This collection has been put together and maintained by Oliver Knill at the Department of Mathematics at Harvard University. It is a site worth checking out!