Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loop Scoops....Videos About Life

Loop Scoops are short, animated videos to get kids (and adults) to thinking about the "stuff" that goes into our lives. Loop Scoops not only focuses on the "stuff" in our lives but how our "stuff" affects the environment. Each Scoop is a video that talks about things we see or use everyday...garbage, electronics, and velcro, as well as other topics.

Loop Scoops hopes that the videos will get kids to thinking about how the things we use in our everyday lives affects the environment we live in. Loop Scoops not only wants kids to think,but it wants kids to question: What is this made of? Where did it come from? What happens when i throw it away?

If you want kids to learn about helping the environment then check out Loop Scoops. Loop Scoops is a part of PBS Kids Go. Loop Scoops is a site worth checking out.

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