Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to the Web

Welcome to the Web is an interactive teaching site to help kids learn about the internet. Welcome to the Web offers a sequence of lessons designed to explain the web starting with basic concepts of internet, staying safe, browser use, and online searching. Welcome to the Web also offers the tricks that involve printing, the find tool, and copying and pasting. Lessons concerning copyright and the importance of siting sources so others receive credit for their work as well. A great feature offered by Welcome to the Web is an audio feature. Students are able to choose the option to listen to the text as they are reading.

After students have completed the sequence of lesson to learn about the internet Welcome to the Web offers a challenge in which students incorporate all their new internet skills. The challenge is a fun activity in which students capture the creator of a computer virus. After completing the challenge then personalized certificates are offered. Welcome to the Web is a fun way for kids to learn about the interent.

Welcome to the Web can easily be used in the classroom or computer class and students explore at their own pace. Welcome to the Web is a site worth checking out.

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