Friday, October 7, 2011

Guess the Wordle

Guess The Wordle is a fun, educational use of a Wordle. Guess The Wordle is designed so that students read a daily Wordle and using the clues must guess the subject of the Wordle. Guess The Wordle is a challenge for students to use internet tools to determine the subject. Each day Guess The Wordle will post a new Wordle for students and their teachers to view.

Guess The Wordle will post a new Wordles in a pattern each week. Monday and Wednesday will be similar with Monday's the easiest and Wednesday's Wordle being a bit more difficult. Tuesday's Guess The Wordle will be based on the scientific classification of animals; Thursday's Wordle will have a language arts theme (books, poems, fables, etc.); and Friday's Wordle will be a famous location.

What makes Guess The Wordle so much fun is that when you think you know the answer, all you have to do is hover over the Wordle and the correct answer will be revealed.

Guess The Wordle is a project created and hosted by Projects by Jen. Projects by Jen is created by Jennifer Wagner. Jennifer has created various online projects which can be found at Projects by Jen. Jennifer encourages participation in online projects and works to provide opportunities for you to participate in various projects.

I highly recommend Guess The Wordle and Projects by Jen to all classrooms. Take the time to check it out.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about Guess The Wordle -- I am glad you are enjoying the site and thank you for your very kind words.