Thursday, October 27, 2011

Resources for the 21st Century Classroom

Yesterday, my fellow TIS colleagues and I offered training covering The Three Tiers of Technology Integration and the 21st Century Learner. The Tiers of Technology Integration is a product of Texas Steps Up initiative. This training was initially presented to the district's Technology Integration Specialists by TCEA's Monica Martinez with the intention of bringing the information back to the school district and sharing with other educators.

Tier 3 of Technology Integration seems quite overwhelming. Tier Three promotes the student-centered classroom which seems to contradict all the mandates involving curriculum, discipline, and state assessments teachers are required to incorporate into their classrooms. As daunting as the task seems to be, most of the teachers I know are willing to try new things, however, they feel there are a lack of resources to support the changes they would like to make.

In an effort to support the teachers' needs, Michael Gorman's blog, 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning was discovered.

A few weeks ago, Gorman, created a post entitled Connecting PBL and STEM.

In this posting, Gorman has compiled an extensive list of resources for teachers to incorporate into the classroom. Connecting PBL and STEM supports PBL and STEM based projects was well as incorporating those 21st century learning skills we are diligently trying to support in our classrooms.

Connecting PBL and STEM is a great resource for any classroom. While it seems like a list of resources for older students, I suggest spending some time with the resources because all grade levels are represented. I hope that you find this resource useful and please let me know if I can help!

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