Sunday, October 9, 2011

Word It Out

Word It Out gives students a way to turn any written assignment into a fun word cloud. Word It Out is a word cloud which allows the creator to customize many of the settings such as the type of text, the colors of the text and background, margins, size, and even text and characters to appear or ignore.

Word clouds can be created from sentences, whole documents, web address, or tables. Word It Out allows the creator to decide how to filter the text and adjust the importance of words fairly easily. When you have your word cloud adjusted they way you want then Word It Out allows you to share your word cloud or not, embed it on your website, download a copy, or even get the word cloud printed on various mediums that can be used as gifts.

Word It Out is another fun way to create word clouds it if free and does not require the user to create an account. Word It Out does however require an email address to save the word cloud which sends you a link to access your saved product. Word It Out definitely worth trying out.

Word cloud made with WordItOut

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