Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lost in the Abbreviations?

Ever feel like you have been left out of the loop when it comes to reading text messages or twitter posts? You know those abbreviations have meaning but you have no idea what they are? Seems that nothing makes us feel older than not being able to read what our kids are sending in their text messages...or what's worse is when our contemporaries are posting those abbreviations in their twitter posts! Well here is a list of some of the most commonly used abbreviations for beginners to help stay in the loop.

404I haven't a clue
A3Anyplace, anywhere, anytime
ADNAny day now
AFAIKAs far as I know
ASAPAs soon as possible
B4NBye for now
BBIABBe back in a bit
BBLBe back later
BBNBye bye now
BBSBe back soon
BEGBig evil grin
BFNBye for now
BGBig grin
BLBelly laughing
BMGWLBusting my gut with laughter
BOTECBack-of-the-envelope calculation
BRBBe right back
BTABut then again...
BTDTBeen there, done that
BTWBy the way
BWLBursting with laughter
BWTHDIKBut what the heck do I know...?
C&GChuckle and grin
CNPContinued in next post
CRBCome right back
CRBTCrying real big tears
CUSee you
CULSee you later
CUL8ERSee you later
CYASee ya
CYOSee you online
DLTBBBDon't let the bed bugs bite
DIKUDo I know you?
DITYIDDid I tell you I'm distressed?
DOSDozing off soon
DQMOTDon't quote me on this
DTRTDo the right thing
DWBDon't write back
EGEvil grin
EMFBIExcuse me for butting in
EMSGE-mail message
EOMEnd of message
EOTEnd of thread (meaning: end of discussion)
ESTOEquipment Smarter Than Operator
EWGevil wicked grin
F2FFace to face
FAQFrequently-asked questions
FCFingers crossed
FOMCLFalling off my chair laughing
FTBOMHFrom the bottom of my heart
FWIWFor what it's worth
FYIFor your information
GALGet a life
GIGOgarbage in, garbage out
GD&Rgrinning, ducking, and running
GFNGone for now
GIWISTGee, I wish I'd said that
GLGood luck
GMABGive me a break
GMTAGreat minds think alike
GOLGiggling out loud
HAGNHave a good night
HANDHave a nice day
HHISHanging head in shame
HIGHow's it going
HTHHope this helps
IAEIn any event
IACIn any case
IAWI agree with
ICI see
IHUI hear you
IMInstant or Immediate message
ImingChatting with someone online usually while doing other interactive things
IMOIn my opinion
IMSI am sorry
IOWIn other words
IRLIn real life
J4GJust for grins
JICJust in case
JKJust kidding
JMOjust my opinion
JTLYKJust to let you know
KITKeep in touch
KWIM?Know what I mean
L8R G8RLater Gator
LOLLaughing out loud
LTMLaughing to myself
LTNSLong time no see
MTFMore to follow
NPNo problem
OTOHOn the other hand
OTTOMHOff the top of my head
PAWParents are watching
PMPrivate message
ROTFLRolling on the floor laughing
RTReal time
S^S'up or what's up
SETESmiling ear to ear
SOTShort on Time
SOTMGShort on time must go
STWSearch the web
SUPwhat's up
SYSSee you soon
TAThanks again
TAFNThat's all for now
TCOYTake care of yourself
TB4UToo bad for you
TMIToo much information
TTYLTalk to you later
TYThank you
UWYou're welcome
WAYDWhat are you doing
WBWelcome back
WFMWorks for me
WTGWay to go

If you would like a more extensive list I founds these at techtarget.com.

 MacSnider via photopin cc

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