Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sick Science

Sick Science offers videos demonstrating fun, hands-on experiments. There are 88 videos which last anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes. Sick Science would be an engaging way to introduce new scientific concepts or demonstrate and reinforce concept that have already been taught.

Sick Science is a You Tube channel created by Steve Spangler Science. Steve Spangler offers the most creative ways to make learning fun and to turn ordinary science experiments into unforgettable learning experiences. Sick Science is a science resource worth checking out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So Many Questions...Science 24/7

Science 24/7 was created by The Lawrence Hall of Science, University of Berkeley, California. Science 24/7 offers various online activities that allows kids to participate in data collection and recording that data which can be compared it to data recorded by others.

In the interactive lessons offered at Science 24/7 encourages kids use their hands, feet, eyes, ears, brain, and imagination. Science 24/7 designs lessons that require kids to use everyday tools to test and complete experiments, while discovering interesting facts about their world! Science 24/7 puts the fun in science!

Science 24/7 could be a great resource to enhance your curriculum. Worth checking out.

Interactive Sites for Education

Interactive Sites for Education is a site that offers a collection of all the best interactive, educational games. This collection has been generated to benefit the Kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms. Interactive Sites for Education lists interactive sites for all content areas including music, art and, and holidays.. Interactive Sites for Education also offers interactive sites that focus on brainteasers. The activities collected at Interactive Sites for Education will be great to use with your interactive whiteboard and will be effective in supporting whole group and small group instruction.

Interactive Sites for Education is a site definitely worth checking out.