Monday, April 9, 2012

Google Doc for Teachers

And now a little something Google for the teachers...If you are unfamiliar with Google Doc then Free Technology for Teachers is the place to go. Richard Byrne, a high school History teacher, a Google Certified Teacher and author of Free Technology for Teachers, created a guide for teachers who are new to Google Docs.

Google Documents for Teachers addresses topics such as creating self-grading quizzes, sharing and publishing documents and presentations, and creating a personal Google account. This is a step-by-step guide to make learning more about Google doc more efficient. Mr. Byrne is also offering Google Documents for Teachers as a free download.

Free Technology for Teachers is absolutely one of my favorite blogs and is a great Google resource. I recommend visiting and checking out Google Documents for Teachers


  1. Hi Jerri,

    Thank you for spreading the word about my new document.


    1. Richard,

      Thanks for all you do to help improve tech in education! I enjoy your blog greatly and am always learning something new!