Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why? Ask SciShow Kids!

After I found Crash Course Kids, this YouTube channel, SciShow Kids, was in the suggestion list so I decided to check it out.

The SciShow Kids channel answers the many questions of "Why". The SciShow Kids channel is  filled with science videos, hosted by a "scientist" and her side-kick robot. Together they explain difficult science concepts so that elementary age kids can understand.  New videos are uploaded to the SciShow Kids channel on Monday and Wednesday.

The videos offered by the  SciShow Kids  channel fall in to categories such as, Awesome Animals, Let's Go To Space, Science on the Playground, Watch it Grow, and various other categories.  The information contained in the SciShow Kids videos is presented in a kid-friendly way.

Here is a a video found on the SciShow Kids channel in the Science on the Playground category.

SciShow Kids could be a great resource for your science classroom.  I definitely suggest checking it out.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Crash Course Kids

I came across this YouTube channel the other day - Crash Course Kids.

Crash Course Kids is a channel that is dedicated to elementary science with a focus on 5th grade science.  Crash Course Kids videos offer lessons in Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.  On the Crash Course Kids channel, you will find videos on the Earth, habitats, space, chemical reactions and even engineering.  The subjects are introduced by a young host who brings humor to the topic with a combination of animated features.  The Crash Course Kids channel has created videos that will appeal to the younger viewers.

Here is a video from the Crash Course Kids channel...

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Crash Course Kids uploads new videos for all to enjoy. Not every video may be beneficial to you but I bet you will find more useful one than you think.  You can subscribe to Crash Course Kids YouTube Channel or follow them on Twitter - @crashcoursekids to keep up to date with new uploads their Crash Course Kids channel.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Too Noisy for Comfort?

Do you hesitate to allow group work in your classroom because the noise level is too hard to control? Bouncy Balls is a fun site to help monitor the noise level in your classroom.  This site is a visual aid for students to see how the noise level affects the balls.

Bouncy Balls uses the computer's microphone and as the noise level rises the balls bounce faster and higher, but as the noise level lessens then the balls move less.  Bouncy Balls allows you to adjust the number of balls that are seen for what best suits your classroom needs.  You can fill the screen with balls or have as few as 25 balls.  Bouncy Balls also allows you to change from balls to bubbles, emojis, and eyeballs.

Bouncy Balls is fun way to make students aware of the noise they are producing and hopefully to self correct.  I will warn you students will want to make noise in the beginning just to see the balls bounce! I think Bouncy Balls is definitely worth checking out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Math Activity Fun...

I learned about a new (to me) math activity site today called Matific.  It is a fun site filled with math activities, lessons, and games for students of K - 6 grades.  Matific uses hands-on and interactive games, called episodes, to teach math.

The Matific activities are short and quick.  When students answer correctly they are celebrated and when they don't answer correctly then the students are encouraged to choose a different answer.  And even though it's designed with the individual student in mind, those with interactive white boards could make this a quick, fun activity for your whole class.

Matific not only offers games but it also offers lesson plans as well as worksheets. The goal of  Matific is to help teachers teach math concepts in an engaging way, encouraging the seemless integration of technology into the classroom.   Teachers can create free Matific accounts for use at school.  If there is a desire for the product to be used at home, Matific offers a premium account that allows the at-home use.

The site is definitely worth checking out.