Friday, June 16, 2017

Chrome Extension: AnyOneCanView

Enjoy Chrome Extensions?  AnyoneCanView is a really good one!  AnyoneCanView is an extension created by Alice Keeler and it allows you to change the viewing permissions on a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, Slide, or Draw with one click. Generally when you need to change sharing permissions, it is a multiple step process. Not only does AnyoneCanView  can view change the viewing permissions but it also copies a link to the item to your clip board.  This makes it possible to paste the link to share with others so that you do not have to take the extra step of copying the URL. So whether you share with students or adults, in a classroom venue or a workshop venue,  AnyoneCanView  is for you.  I know I have forgotten viewing permissions on more than one occasion.

Just recently, this extension has come in quite handy for me while presenting.  My audience informed me they couldn't view my presentation...of course I had forgotten to change the viewing permissions. With this extension I could do it on the spot and viewing access was immediately given.

AnyoneCanView  is found in the Chrome Web Store.  If share Google documents of any sort, then I suggest giving AnyoneCanView a try!