About Me

Hey There!  I am Jerri Davis.  I am currently working as an Technology Integration Specialist for the Eustace Independent School District.

 I have been in education for 18 years.  I started my career teaching 5th grade Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies.  I have also taught 6th grade English and 7th grade Reading.  I spent the my last four years in the classroom teaching 5th grade Science and Social Studies.

 I left the classroom to work with other teachers promoting the use of technology and offering professional development and training.  I enjoy the challenge of  my current position.  I have the opportunity to continually learn new things and share my favorite tools with other educators. 

Feel free to contact me if I can ever help you out...

Email:  jerri.davis40@gmail.com

find me on Twitter: @jdavis43

or follow my FaceBook page: The Digitally Creative Teacher